This has got to be the sickest false accusation yet by those degenerates.


It’s been my experience that bullies, with their narcissism and sociopathy, just love to project their own faults and failings onto their victims. They’re liars, so they accuse their victims of lying. They’re obsessed, so their victims they call obsessed. They have depraved sexual fantasies, so naturally they assume their victims must be sexual deviants.

What in the hell is wrong with your brain, you diseased maniacs? No, really, what is your specific set of mental derangements? I visit my aunt maybe once a month or once in a couple of months. That’s not exactly frequent. And seeing as how you shut her out of your life, David, what exactly do you think you know about how conversations go in that house? There is not nor has there ever been anything inappropriate going on. To even suggest as much is about as warped as it can get. Once again, your sick delusions about me are leading to dangerously unhealthy behavior.

If you and your buddy won’t stop this crap, then the police will. I’ve had it with you two.

UPDATE (18:47):

I guess even those demented savages know when they’ve gone too far. Maybe their little “source” warned them I was preparing to file another police report. They’re trying to erase the evidence that they posted their false accusation, but the problem is, at least for them, they’re not very good at it.





You crazed children aren’t half as clever as you think you are. Keep screwing up, though. Every time you think you’re being clever, you’re just giving more of your identities away, and then I can get the police on your sorry asses.

Ruminations On Crazy Bastards

My sociopath-psychopath-narcissist-bully has been quiet lately, which is good.  The past weeks have been putting a lot more on my plate than I’d like, and I really don’t need the added stress.  Still, that got me thinking about bullies and bullying, and how related they are to sociopathy and psychopathy.  Having nothing better to do, I decided to look up some information on terms.

In this piece from, the primary difference appears to be that “Psychopaths have a high predisposition to violence while this may vary among sociopaths. A psychopath’s behavior is controlled and calculated; they [sic] are the masters of manipulation. A sociopath’s behavior is often impulsive and erratic. While sociopaths may form some superficial relationships, a psychopath is incapable of maintaining a true relationship. The appearance of such is all manipulation and thus disingenuous.”

So basically, a true psychopath has no real emotions, is more prone to physical violence, and has no regard for rules or laws, while a true sociopath is less likely to engage in physical violence and is prone to emotional outbursts.

Another tidbit of information worth noting is that, according Doctor Martha Stout (as quoted here), true “sociopaths make up 4% of western society (Stout, 2010). That’s about 1 in 25 people walking around among us without a conscience, without the ability to measure, or care to measure, the morality of their decisions and actions.”

That seems pretty low for percentages, but think about it: the people running things in this world happen to fall into that aforementioned four percent.  That includes businesspeople.

Okay, so what’s the real difference?  I mean, who cares what sort of fecal stain a relentless bully is?  Filth is filth.  But there are those of us who want answers, because it helps us deal better with what’s been done to us.  As it turns out, the line between narcissism and sociopathy is a thin one indeed, and very often narcissism, sociopathy, and psychopathy overlap: It is possible to be all three.

The common thread, however, is that all three types of whack-jobs are serial bullies, that is, they pick targets for their deranged behavior and go on perpetual attack, never letting up for an instant, until they’ve achieved satisfaction—and they never achieve satisfaction.

So yeah, just a bit of info-sharing.  Maybe you can gain some insight if you’re a fellow victim-survivor.