Bully Plays the Victim Card—AGAIN.

You have to marvel at the unmitigated gall.

This, by the way, is apparently the offensive image in question.

But this isn’t the first or only image David has posted that can be traced back to his workplace. Here are a few examples.

So he’s verbally combative toward his co-workers and posts shit about them and the workplace on his social media accounts, likely on company computers by the looks of it, which means his boss can easily view his online activities as they took place at work on company time, but he’s bitching about having been fired and wants to sue for discrimination.

Like I said, the unmitigated gall on display here is something at which to marvel. Here are some more examples of David’s abusive behavior online:

Where do I begin?

Okay, look, I’m no saint when it comes to throwing right-wingers’ dishonest abusive bullshit back in their faces. I make it a point to give as good as I get.

Nor do I necessarily like that employers feel at liberty to spy on employees’ social media accounts in order to look for anything and everything that might reflect poorly on the company, especially if said company is doing things it oughtn’t (e.g., illegal dumping of toxic substances) or otherwise promoting a workplace culture of harassment and abuse.

Having said all this, I don’t go out of my way to start shit with people and I sure as hell don’t go reporting their posts just to silence them because I don’t like what they have to say. Freedom of speech applies to everyone or it applies to no one. Typically when I report a social media post, it’s because the poster is inciting violence or engaging in some other blatantly unlawful activity with the express intention of causing physical harm to others. And I also understand the employers’ desire to protect the company’s reputation. Employees can and sometimes do lie or exaggerate what goes on at work, just because they’re lazy or willfully stupid workers and are simply bitching because they don’t like taking the consequences for their actions.

David took this job knowing whom he was working with. As always, he chose to be combative and start arguments with his co-workers, and he chose to post images and references to his workplace knowing full well it could come back on him. If this was an isolated incident, that would be one thing, but it’s part of a long pattern of abusive behavior on his part that leads to his termination.

There ARE ways to voice discontent with co-workers and employers so as to minimize the risk of being caught. For instance, David can make his posts visible only to those on his friends lists, or certain groups of friends he can trust not to go blabbing to his boss. He can make his posts visible only to himself. He can keep his damned opinions to himself or simply choose not to go on the attack in the first place. David delights in going out of his way to look for trouble to get into, and the moment he gets his poor widdle fee-fees all butt-hurt—especially by someone in a position to stand up to his incessant bullying—he then proceeds to whine and play the victim card, before launching his usual childish crusades to punish any and all who dare defy him.

But no, David thinks he has unfettered right to attack people and not suffer any consequences for doing so. He thinks he’s above the rules of society. What’s laughable about all this is that any attorney worth his or her salt will explain to him that Ohio being an at-will state, his employer has full liberty to fire people for any or no reason at all, and because David has been caught on more than one occasion posting things on social media that violate company policy and reflect poorly on the company, his ex-boss had every legal right to terminate his employment. He has no legal case—period. In that regard, he’s got about as much legal standing as a certain troll who impersonated a police department just to have his fun at public expense, and now wants the taxpayers to foot the bill for his childish antics.

In the meantime, his husband has to work full time to support himself, his spouse, and their pets, only to be subjected to abuse at home and on social media, and be lectured about how he spends his hard-earned money. At some point David’s husband is going to wake up and realize that his marriage to that degenerate isn’t worth putting up with his toxic, narcissistic, verbally and physically abusive behavior, and divorce his bitch ass. When, not if, that day comes, David’s up Shit Creek without a paddle, and he won’t have anyone else to leech off of.

It’s pathetic and sad.

Patterns of Insanity

So yeah, I happened on this on Twitter.

Now, David, you don’t suppose maybe the reason for your troubles at work might have anything to do with crap like this, do you?

Or, perhaps, this?

Your unfortunate readers only have your highly dubious word about these co-workers and CUSTOMERS being racist. But even assuming you’re telling the truth, starting arguments with customers and co-workers alike, no matter how douche-baggy they may or may not be, is probably why you’re facing problems at work and why you’re about to lose yet another job. For all you and your two little friends keep harping on me for my employment troubles, I at least have the excuse that the jobs I’ve taken over the past few years were temporary or seasonal and therefore had shelf lives with expiration dates. You, on the other hand, are combative and abusive toward others as a matter of habit. No one is under any obligation to put up with your incessant bullshit.

And this is not the first time you’ve gotten yourself fired for being abusive toward your co-workers.

This was not long after he’d gotten himself a job at the Art Museum. He was fired soon after. Coincidental, I’m sure…actually, probably not.

Riiiight, not your fault you were fired, Davey-boy. It’s always someone else’s fault you can’t hold down a job. It can’t possibly be your inability to get along with your co-workers, your supervisors, and the customers and clients of the places you get oh-so-briefly hired. It MUST be something else. I’m sure you’ll probably find a way to blame me, as usual.

Now, again, maybe these people really are racist. I don’t know. It’s difficult to say since we only have the word of a proven liar to go on. David only tells that side and interpretation of any given story that makes him look like the poor put-upon victim. He does this in a shameless effort to gain sympathy. His mother does this all the time, too. I remember back in the early 90s, the hag took a job cleaning at a veterinarian’s clinic and regularly started confrontations with her employer. She once described—boasted, really—how she’d shoved a wet mop head in his face so he could smell how filthy it was, simply because she didn’t like how supposedly infrequently the mop heads were changed out. Uh, stupid, you were mopping up animal urine as your job. Naturally it’s going to stink, even after one use. That’s why you’re supposed to properly wash, rinse, and dry the equipment afterward.

So yeah, clearly there’s a pattern of abuse, and then when people refuse to put up with it, behave like the victim and hide behind mental illness as the all-purpose excuse.

But it’s all just pretense in the end, isn’t it Davey-boy? You’re crazy, yes, for different reasons than you claim. You’re narcissistic, verbally and physically abusive, and psychotic. I know, I’ve seen the medicines you’ve been prescribed over the years and I know what mental derangements they’re used to treat. Here’s an idea: start taking your anti-psychotic meds again and maybe you won’t be quite so likely to start fights with everybody that result in you getting fired from job after job. It might also help your marriage.

Your insanity is treatable, David. That you refuse to get treatment is your choice, and no one else’s.

The Truth Hurts

Thinking more on my last entry, I am simply amazed at the utter, shameless hypocrisy Little Boy Oskar displays. He wastes his sad, pathetic existence making fun of others, throwing temper tantrums whenever someone tells him NO, and then sets off on years-long vendettas stalking, harassing, and lying about those who dare defy him by standing up to his childish bullying.

I mean, really, it’s hilarious when one thinks about it. He went too far with his little-boy pranks, got himself arrested for impersonating not just a police officer, but an entire police department. He lucked out by finding a jury gullible enough to believe his whiny tirade about First Amendment rights, but the fact is he broke the law and could very easily have gone to prison for a while. Months, maybe years.

Now, a sane person might have counted his blessings, learned an important lesson—one can go too far in playing childish pranks, and end up suffering the consequences—grown up a little, realized maybe he’d better ease up or grow up and give up entirely on his sick little hobby, and move on with his existence.

But not little boy Anthony. No, instead of growing, learning, and maturing, he got even cockier and decided to take the city of Parma to court—a city he’s relentlessly mocked in his seemingly endless train of pointless vendettas that have long outlived whatever purpose they might initially have had.

Now, I should remind the reader that this is the same boy who has wasted the past five years trying to shame me for using GoFundMe to ask for help during times of trouble. His legal fees and other troubles are ones he incurred himself. He didn’t have to sue Parma. He could have grown up, taken the hint about how fortunate he really is not to be in jail right now, and let the matter rest.

But not Anthony Novak. Oh no. In his diseased mind, the city of Parma committed the cardinal sin of standing up to his bullying, therefore they MUST be punished. None may ever dare defy him. Such is the warped mentality of your average textbook narcissist and psychotic.

But instead of manning up and paying his own legal fees, he expects other people to do it for him. Oh he can lie and say he was begging for money to cover his living expenses and not his lawyer’s services, but supposedly this boy has a steady job. He shouldn’t expect people to bail him out financially from a mess of his own making, not if he wants anyone to think he is at all consistent in the standards he applies. But he isn’t consistent, is he? He holds himself to a far lower standard than he holds everyone else to, including entire municipalities.

And who ultimately ends up paying for this boy’s sick indulgences?

Parma taxpayers.

The people he’s bilked out of their money to pay expenses he should be paying himself. If he can’t afford to live and sue the city the laws of which he broke, then he needs to rethink whether suing is worth it.

But that would require a conscience. Little Boy Anthony has none.

So, even as he hypocritically begs others to bail him out of a predicament he put himself into with his bad decisions in “life”, he goes on the warpath against people like me who fell on hard times and went to the last resort of asking for help.

Never mind that I’ve paid back people who loaned me money. It took a while given my income, but I did it. It was the proper and ethical thing to do. Those who gave and told me to simply pay it forward, and focus on getting stable work, I’m doing just that. I’m doing constructive things with my life that some choose to ignore because it hurts their depraved, obsessive narrative about someone they despise for nothing more than not taking their shit.

And then, of course, there’s the endless projection of their own pathologies onto the targets of their hatred. A psychiatrist could probably write whole books on the topic of a tiny circle of eternal children who have wasted literally years of their existences hounding me online, lying about me, subscribing to my blog and other social media all in an effort to get what they think is dirt on me so they can twist it to suit their insane agenda.

So, at the end of the day, who’s really pathetic? The guy who’s been struggling to get his life back on track and making honest efforts, or the little kids who will never be adults whose existences revolve, it seems, almost exclusively around little old me?

Just something to think about.

Of Hypocritical Pathetic Losers and Men

Well isn’t THIS rich: After spending literally YEARS hounding me online attacking me for asking for donations to help me with expenses, it turns out that Anthony HD Novak is, as always, the biggest fucking hypocrite.


Yes, the craven little bitch who impersonated an entire police department and got himself arrested, who regularly bashes me for asking people for help, has been conning others out of their money to pay for his legal expenses—expenses he incurred for himself by breaking the law. He lucked out and managed to weasel his way out of a conviction and is now pursuing a frivolous lawsuit against the Parma Police Department for daring to punish him for crossing the line. But the truth remains: he is a massive hypocrite on top of being a major league douchebag.

The boy has since removed his fund-raiser from view, but the fact is he made it, and it speaks volumes about what a pathetic loser he is and always has been. Like his buddy Rick Mullenax, his entire sad existence revolves around making fun of others and ripping on them for perceived failures in life. They have nothing else going for them. Their every waking minute is wasted obsessing over the actions and decisions of people over whom they have no authority or power.

Some children choose never to grow up. They’re living, breathing iterations of Günter Grass’ protagonist in The Tin Drum, but without any justification. Oskar Matzerath at least had some excuses for his refusal to mature in any way.

These knuckleheads don’t get to rip on anyone who asks for help ever again, not unless they want to be called out for the hypocritical losers they really are.

Thoughts on Mortality

Last Friday, someone who attended the same college I did passed away from brain cancer. He was only a year older than I am. We were friends on Facebook, and his struggles battling the disease were an inspiration to me. Yesterday evening was the life celebration. I went and paid my respects, since we were both in the film program at Cleveland State, and then left before wearing out my welcome. I didn’t want to intrude too much into what was meant for family and close friends.

But this, with Aunt Mary’s liver disease that may kill her before summer is out, really has me thinking about death. Looking at my former college-mate’s battle with cancer, I was inspired to keep going, because life is too short to waste it afraid of pursuing one’s goals. We’re only here for a precious short time, and if any of us want to leave a mark on the world, we have to try. There’s no point living if all one does is merely survive.

So, I will continue to take this lesson to heart.

Full Circle

It’s funny sometimes how life works out. Ten years ago I was working as an AmeriCorps VISTA with a local non-profit, and now I find myself back doing it again with another organization. I’ll be researching and writing grants primarily starting tomorrow.

I can’t say I’m not nervous about this. It’s another new start and that’s always somewhat daunting at the beginning, but that’s just another breaking-in period to experience, and I find I’m up to the challenge. I’ll also be going through some other transitions as this strange journey called life takes me on yet more turns both expected and unexpected, and I’ll blog about those later. But for now, another new chapter in my life is opening.

Wish me luck!

Finally, a Pay-Off?

Wow, did the Falcons choke or what? So-called patriots probably cheated as always, too, but the Falcons really folded in the last half like cheap lawn chairs. Dang. Oh well.

Anyway, a couple of developments. Last week I took photos for a campus event for which my compensation was a chess set I’ve had my eye on. Hey, it’s a campus organization; they don’t have all that much in terms of funding. So I’ll gladly take what I’m offered and it helps get my name out there as a reliable event photographer. Plus, as I left, one of the club organizers offered to pay me for an upcoming event next month. Probably won’t be much, but it’s the break I’ve been waiting for since I started my photography over a year ago. And I’m getting opportunities to shoot models and other events, too!

I’m also raising money for an urban wildlife photography project I’ve been turning over in my head for a while now. In the last six years I’ve been seeing a lot more wildlife—deer, red tailed hawks, kestrels, and other critters formerly confined to the parks—popping up more and more in people’s yards, including my old neighborhood. This is the result of urban sprawl that has left wild animals with nowhere else to go except where they used to be, only the developments are still here. How are they affected? How are people coping? Who’s documenting this new reality? Well, if no one else is, then I want to. But being gored to death by antlers, hooves, or both, or scaring off creatures, is not something I want, so I’m raising funds for a decent telephoto zoom lens. Adding that to my lens inventory would go a long way toward helping me build my wildlife and sports portfolios, and I’m offering prints and CDs of the finished work once it’s completed.

But the real money is in events, so a good telephoto lens for sports events like Browns and Indians games is essential. For weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and religious coming-of-age, I can use my portrait lens and save up for a good wide-angle lens. I’m applying for a small business grant, and with luck and some awesome grant-writing, who knows?

But I’m finally starting to receive compensation for my photography work. I just need to keep at it and keep proving myself.

What Insanity Looks Like

Okay, so, a former relative I disowned as a relative after he was exposed as an abusive ass wipe posted something on Facebook that made the rounds until I happened on it, which included threats of physical violence against women trying to use the public restroom if he doesn’t think they look feminine enough. This was about a law recently passed in North Carolina that discriminates against transgender persons by forcing them to use public restrooms that do not line up with their gender identification. Here are the screen captures so you know this isn’t being made up.







Understand the sheer insanity, not to mention the patent absurdity, of threatening to use physical violence against people for trying to use the public restroom appropriate to their gender. How exactly does this boy plan to enforce this bigoted law, which is sure to be struck down by federal courts? Will he and his buddies hang around public restrooms like perverts, stopping to accost people they don’t think look masculine or feminine enough to suit their notions of the terms, demanding they be allowed to perform a strip search and grope session to make sure people are the gender they appear to be? So I sent him a message setting him straight.


If you don’t like being called a bigot, stop being a bigot.


Only a bigot with serious mental problems would commit felonious assault against a woman trying to use the women’s restroom because he suspects she may not have been born a woman. Not all transgender women are easily identifiable as having been born technically male. So what will be your excuse to the judge if you are caught beating up a woman in public who turns out to have been born with lady parts? Do you really think the judge will go easy on you and not put you in jail for a long time on account of the very real danger you represent to society?

Stop being stupid and live in the now instead of the middle ages. Your right to practice your religion does not give you the right to force it on everyone else. This is America after all. You do not have the right to violate the rights of others, and you certainly do not have the right to violate those rights because you don’t like that they apply to other people besides yourself.

Grow up. This is why I don’t believe your lame denials over the fact that you abuse your kids and it is why I am ashamed to have shared a name with you or called you my brother. You are not a man. You are a child. Only a child behaves the way you do toward others. Worse, you are a very real and present danger to society that you can so blithely threaten other people with physical violence simply for being who they are. You need serious mental help. I strongly suggest, for your sake as much as anyone else’s, that you seek it immediately so that you do not end up doing anything that would land you in jail or harm others.

But as is always the case with bigoted, abusive bullies, he just refused to get it. He sent me the following reply before blocking me.


Let’s break this down point by point, shall we?

As usual, you completely misread and misunderstood what was said.

The screen captures show pretty clearly what was posted, liar-boy. So suck it.

You’re an ass, and a cowardly one at that.

This coming from someone who’s such a pussy that he can’t face an adult male and has to beat up on women and children to prove to himself that he’s got a set. This coming from someone who can’t even face his own kin who is hundreds of miles away and via Internet, who can’t even mount a rational response, and who has to block his kin so no further reply can be offered, because God forbid you should take on someone capable of defending himself and giving as good as he gets. Yeah, who’s the coward here?

“Grow up” coming from someone like you is hilarious.

I’ll throw that back at you by referring back to the above statement.

I’ve been married to the same woman for over 31 years

And…? You say this like it’s supposed to mean something. Lots of people stay married for decades. Hell, Bill Cosby has been married to the same woman for over fifty years. It doesn’t mean he’s not a serial rapist who cheated on his wife the entire time they’ve been wed. And it doesn’t mean you’re an adult.

raised three children (none of whom were “abused”. I don’t care what you choose to believe. You’re 700 miles away. It only matters what the court thinks, and the court found in my favor. So grow up and deal with THAT reality)

Yeah…sure. The courts are always 100% perfect and never issue unjust rulings in a family court system that more often than not favors abusers like you…

Just because you managed to weasel your way out of the consequences of being an abuser in court doesn’t mean you aren’t a serial abuser.

I have three vehicles in my name

Again, and…?

and my own home that I’ve lived in for 20 years.

So what? I lived in the same house for over thirty years. What bearing does that have on being an adult? None whatsoever.

I’ve served my country and community and assumed the risks that came with it.

As I understand it from your own oldest child, you were dishonorably discharged from the Marines, meaning you disgraced your uniform, got fired from one police force for breaking the arm of a thirteen-year-old in custody, and were similarly discharged from other jobs because you kept starting altercations with co-workers. How does being a physically violent bully make you an adult?

What have you done with your life? Where are you at this stage?

I worked my way through college and got my Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees and am now working on my Master’s, and I’m getting into photography and have my first photo session under my belt. I’ve had offers to teach English in China. And I’ve also been politically active and involved in my own community as a precinct committee member on the county’s executive precinct committee. I was a volunteer for four years as a police auxiliary officer assisting real police officers who didn’t abuse the power of their badges or hide behind them as an excuse to get away with breaking the law themselves. Oh, and I’ve become something of a good cook. Granted, that’s not as much as some people like to brag about, and I don’t like boasting about myself as I think it’s arrogant and narcissistic, but since you asked, I’m answering.

You know nothing about being a grown up.

Maybe not, but I do know what a grown-up is not. A grown-up is not someone who beats up on women and children. A grown-up is not a bigot, nor is a grown-up willfully ignorant as you’ve chosen to be.

Your opinion means nothing.

Obviously it does, or you wouldn’t have taken the time to respond to the dressing down you were given.

I share the same assessment of you that many of our relatives do, including our dad.

Our dad is dead. He can’t make his own opinion known anymore. And anyway, what do you know about what he thought? Where were you when he was in the nursing home? Where were you when his wife—your mother—tried to kill him through neglect and when she was caught forging his name and taking out a fraudulent life insurance policy on him? Where were you when he lay dying in the hospital? Where were the condolences from you when he died? Where were you for the interment of his ashes? How is it that I, the outcast son nobody thinks anything of except as some retarded disobedient slave whom people only pay attention to when they think he has something they want, was the one who came to visit him in the nursing home and in the hospital and went to see his body at the funeral home and participated in his funerary service while you and your psychotic youngest brother were busy doing your own things? Yeah, you go ahead and try to use our late father as a weapon against me all you want, boy, but that doesn’t mean you’re a grown-up.

You’re just a bitter and hateful person.

Says the boy who threatens to stand outside public restrooms so he can sexually assault women as he tries to verify their gender, and whose social media page is full of hate-ridden posts denigrating Muslims, LGBT persons, leftists, non-religious persons, and anyone else who doesn’t conform to his warped way of thinking.

For someone who’s failed at life so miserably you sure seem to know just what other people need to do.

Define “failure”. If “failure” means trying to do what I think is best for my own life but still coming up short despite my best efforts, that’s a highly subjective definition. But I’d rather fail trying to do what I want with my life than “succeed” doing nothing with it because real losers such as you who can’t even be bothered to behave like civilized human beings 99.99% of the time presume to dictate what constitutes failure or success.

I don’t go spewing hateful and ignorant messages in your inbox.

Yes, I know. You prefer to spew hateful and ignorant messages on your Facebook page. So sue me for giving you the courtesy and dignity of a private scolding so you wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of your bigoted friends.

And for Pete’s sake, change your profile picture. it looks like a sex offender mugshot.

Coming from a violent sociopath such as yourself, I find your assessment of my profile picture highly dubious.

What’s sad is that this clown honestly doesn’t see how mentally unbalanced he is. And he didn’t even address the original point I made regarding the threats of physical violence he supports against transgender persons—a rather shameless and cowardly way of trying to distract from the very real fact that he supports the use of violence and intimidation against women and LGBT persons. Because that’s what his response was all about: distraction. He couldn’t own up to what he posted even though it’s public for anyone to see, nor could he make a coherent defense of something he knew from the start was indefensible.

That one can so casually threaten physical violence, support those who threaten it, make all manner of vulgar and insensitive remarks toward any and all who don’t conform to his way of thinking, and not only see nothing wrong with any of it but be proud of it as though his hatred and bigotry are virtues, speaks volumes about his mental state. I know it’s not entirely his fault; he is, after all, what his mother and the Marine Corps helped make of him. But that only goes so far, and his choice to be a hate-ridden bigot and bully is just that—his choice. No one forced him to be a racist or a homophobe or an Islamophobe, or twist Christianity—a religion of peace, love, and compassion—to cater to his depraved views. Those were all decisions he made as to what he wanted to be. He chose to be ignorant. He chose to hate. And he chose violence.

These are not the choices of a sane, rational mind. They are the choices of a diseased mentality that poses a real and serious danger to others.

But this insane, violent reaction you display toward anyone and anything not in total conformity and subservience to your narrow-minded worldview isn’t really about transgender persons using the public restrooms appropriate to their identified gender, is it?

It’s about ego.

When we are born, we see ourselves as the center of the universe, and that’s only natural. After all, others devote so much of their attention to us, don’t they? We mess in our diapers, and that’s uncomfortable, so we cry and along comes someone to take away our discomfort by changing the soiled diaper for a fresh one and cleaning our bodies. When we’re hungry, that’s also uncomfortable, and we cry again, and along comes someone to feed us and satisfy our hunger and relieve our discomfort. Similarly, when we’re gassy, we cry and someone soothes us until the discomfort passes. And oh look! All those big people laughing at what we do and taking pictures and tickling us under our chins because they just can’t get enough of us! Aren’t we the center of the universe?

But then we get older. Maybe a sibling or two comes along and competes with us for the attention of our elders. Even if not, people gradually stop focusing so much of their time and energy on us, and most of us begin to perceive the existence of others, people who have needs and desires and thoughts of their own, equally worthy of attention. For most of us, that’s okay. We outgrow our selfish need to be the center of attention. We learn to understand that it’s not all about us all the time—not even most of the time, but some of the time. And that’s fine. We learn. We grow. We adjust.

But some people can’t handle that. They can’t accept that others exist, or if they must, that others’ needs have at least as much importance and legitimacy as their own. So they lash out, sometimes violently, trying to assert their former position as the Center of All That Is. Some of these people find some measure of comfort in a religion that affirms their selfishness, that tells them what to think and how to think and when, because darn it! thinking and recognizing the needs of others is just so hard—and anyway, why can’t they understand that their needs and wants come secondary, if at all?

And these selfish individuals who wrap themselves in a set of beliefs that affirms their egos, they are told that to everything there is an order, one where people and places and things are designed as they’re supposed to be, and anything deviating from that order must therefore be wrong, even evil. Why? DO NOT QUESTION! ACCEPT! IT JUST IS! ACCEPT AND OBEY! OBEY! OBEY! OBEEEEY!!!

Because, let’s face it, in your insane need to invalidate the needs of others since not to do so challenges your notion of being the center of the universe, you leave out some inconvenient facts that further undermine your need, your ego: Hermaphrodites, for instance. If God made everyone how He intended them to be, men as men and women as women, all falling into that neat little Order of Things, where do hermaphrodites fit into things? They have both make and female genitalia and have characteristics of both males and females. Which public restroom do they use, since to enter into either violates your narrow definition of gender norms? Or do they have to use those unisex restrooms and risk whatever you think is risked by using a public toilet? Or do they use neither and have to hold it in until they get home? Oh! Maybe they shouldn’t leave their homes at all! They don’t fit in anywhere! Surely God didn’t make a mistake in creating them! God is infallible! He must have made hermaphrodites for a reason! But dammit, WHAT!? WHAT?!?

Or, and this is what really angers, or, more accurately, frightens you: God isn’t nearly as hands-on as you’ve been told He, She, or It is. Maybe, just maybe, God set things in motion when creating the cosmos and then sat back to watch it all unfold, and otherwise stayed out of the whole messy chaotic business, because where’s the fun in micromanaging the development of one insignificant little species on one insignificant little planet in one insignificant galaxy in a universe teeming with stars and planets and galaxies and black holes and species and individuals to the exclusion of all else?

If that’s true, as you fear, then you’re not as important in the grand scheme of things as you’ve led yourself to believe. Your fragile little ego can’t handle anyone or anything that reminds you that You Are Not All That. So you lash out, and because your physical abilities allow you to use force to impose your egotistical mindset, you use it with abandon because how dare anyone defy you or challenge your precious EGO!

To you, there can be no “others”, none else with thoughts and feelings and needs and desires and rights and liberties. If “others” exist and possess all these things, you would have to acknowledge that you’re not as important as you think you are. You have to force the world and everyone in it to conform so that your ego is preserved, even if it means others have to hurt themselves to do it, even if they have to die to protect your perception of being The Most Important Person In the World.

You think your selfish desire to be the center of the universe is a virtue. In reality, it’s a hindering factor stunting your mental and spiritual growth. It is this self-imposed hindrance of your growth and your willingness to resort to violence and intimidation to enforce your ego that renders you a child.

You can brag all you want, boy, about how many cars you have, but all that proves is that you’re either lucky enough to afford them or that you took out a loan or loans to buy them. Talk about begging other people for money so you can buy the things you want! You don’t think you have to work hard and save your money like most other folk. Maybe you even mortgaged your house against those vehicles.


See how your little lecture about adulthood can be thrown back in your face? It’s not pleasant, is it? You probably want to whine about how ignorant you think I am for even making the suggestion, facetiousness in order to make a point aside. So how do you think you look doling out such absurdity to others, especially after having made so lunatic a display of male-oriented ego earlier?

But you don’t want to know what others think. In your derangement, others cannot have their own opinions or reach their own conclusions. That threatens your all important ego. It’s not you who’s insane, perverted, wrong. It MUST be everyone else

This is why you’re insane, boy. You’re not right in the head. You think you’re the only one allowed to have any rights, any identity, any humanity, and everyone else must conform to your notions of these concepts or face your wrath. And to enfrce your ego, you have to resort to coercion and violence.

But never against someone as strong as you, or, *GASP* stronger. That might constitute an act of bravery! Picking on people you perceive as being weaker is easy. It requires no real thought or effort, no challenge, no self-reflection or questioning. Me strong, you weak. MONGO CRUSH! A real coward is someone who can’t stand up to an equal or a superior under any circumstances. A real coward is someone who abuses what strength he has against those he thinks he can get away with hurting. You would never try to stop a grown man from entering the men’s restroom because he would simply brush you aside like the pest you are or, if you are stupid enough to get violent, turn you into a whimpering crybaby pissing his pants as he curls into the fetal position on the floor. That’s why you and your bigoted friends threaten to stand outside the women’s restroom to “guard” against women trying to enter who don’t fit into your tidy little world order. That’s why you’re all full of blood and testosterone on the Internet where it’s safe but can’t utter a squeak in person except it is on your terms. You gutless wimp.

You’re a coward and always have been, and while you can huff and puff and bully weaker people all you want, facing your “retarded” brother like a man and taking challenges to your depraved worldview is just too scary. Hell, you can’t even let your grown offspring talk to their uncle—not because of what I might say to them; that’s hogwash and you know it, based as it is upon what you know to be the false premise that they have no minds or agency or voices of their own. You refuse to let them speak their own minds because you fear what they might say to me that confirms what a monster you really are.

I’d pity you, child, but you’re not worth it. In the meantime, I look forward to reading about you being carted off to jail for trying to sexually molest women going into public restrooms.