Bully Plays the Victim Card—AGAIN.

You have to marvel at the unmitigated gall.

This, by the way, is apparently the offensive image in question.

But this isn’t the first or only image David has posted that can be traced back to his workplace. Here are a few examples.

So he’s verbally combative toward his co-workers and posts shit about them and the workplace on his social media accounts, likely on company computers by the looks of it, which means his boss can easily view his online activities as they took place at work on company time, but he’s bitching about having been fired and wants to sue for discrimination.

Like I said, the unmitigated gall on display here is something at which to marvel. Here are some more examples of David’s abusive behavior online:

Where do I begin?

Okay, look, I’m no saint when it comes to throwing right-wingers’ dishonest abusive bullshit back in their faces. I make it a point to give as good as I get.

Nor do I necessarily like that employers feel at liberty to spy on employees’ social media accounts in order to look for anything and everything that might reflect poorly on the company, especially if said company is doing things it oughtn’t (e.g., illegal dumping of toxic substances) or otherwise promoting a workplace culture of harassment and abuse.

Having said all this, I don’t go out of my way to start shit with people and I sure as hell don’t go reporting their posts just to silence them because I don’t like what they have to say. Freedom of speech applies to everyone or it applies to no one. Typically when I report a social media post, it’s because the poster is inciting violence or engaging in some other blatantly unlawful activity with the express intention of causing physical harm to others. And I also understand the employers’ desire to protect the company’s reputation. Employees can and sometimes do lie or exaggerate what goes on at work, just because they’re lazy or willfully stupid workers and are simply bitching because they don’t like taking the consequences for their actions.

David took this job knowing whom he was working with. As always, he chose to be combative and start arguments with his co-workers, and he chose to post images and references to his workplace knowing full well it could come back on him. If this was an isolated incident, that would be one thing, but it’s part of a long pattern of abusive behavior on his part that leads to his termination.

There ARE ways to voice discontent with co-workers and employers so as to minimize the risk of being caught. For instance, David can make his posts visible only to those on his friends lists, or certain groups of friends he can trust not to go blabbing to his boss. He can make his posts visible only to himself. He can keep his damned opinions to himself or simply choose not to go on the attack in the first place. David delights in going out of his way to look for trouble to get into, and the moment he gets his poor widdle fee-fees all butt-hurt—especially by someone in a position to stand up to his incessant bullying—he then proceeds to whine and play the victim card, before launching his usual childish crusades to punish any and all who dare defy him.

But no, David thinks he has unfettered right to attack people and not suffer any consequences for doing so. He thinks he’s above the rules of society. What’s laughable about all this is that any attorney worth his or her salt will explain to him that Ohio being an at-will state, his employer has full liberty to fire people for any or no reason at all, and because David has been caught on more than one occasion posting things on social media that violate company policy and reflect poorly on the company, his ex-boss had every legal right to terminate his employment. He has no legal case—period. In that regard, he’s got about as much legal standing as a certain troll who impersonated a police department just to have his fun at public expense, and now wants the taxpayers to foot the bill for his childish antics.

In the meantime, his husband has to work full time to support himself, his spouse, and their pets, only to be subjected to abuse at home and on social media, and be lectured about how he spends his hard-earned money. At some point David’s husband is going to wake up and realize that his marriage to that degenerate isn’t worth putting up with his toxic, narcissistic, verbally and physically abusive behavior, and divorce his bitch ass. When, not if, that day comes, David’s up Shit Creek without a paddle, and he won’t have anyone else to leech off of.

It’s pathetic and sad.

The Truth Hurts

Thinking more on my last entry, I am simply amazed at the utter, shameless hypocrisy Little Boy Oskar displays. He wastes his sad, pathetic existence making fun of others, throwing temper tantrums whenever someone tells him NO, and then sets off on years-long vendettas stalking, harassing, and lying about those who dare defy him by standing up to his childish bullying.

I mean, really, it’s hilarious when one thinks about it. He went too far with his little-boy pranks, got himself arrested for impersonating not just a police officer, but an entire police department. He lucked out by finding a jury gullible enough to believe his whiny tirade about First Amendment rights, but the fact is he broke the law and could very easily have gone to prison for a while. Months, maybe years.

Now, a sane person might have counted his blessings, learned an important lesson—one can go too far in playing childish pranks, and end up suffering the consequences—grown up a little, realized maybe he’d better ease up or grow up and give up entirely on his sick little hobby, and move on with his existence.

But not little boy Anthony. No, instead of growing, learning, and maturing, he got even cockier and decided to take the city of Parma to court—a city he’s relentlessly mocked in his seemingly endless train of pointless vendettas that have long outlived whatever purpose they might initially have had.

Now, I should remind the reader that this is the same boy who has wasted the past five years trying to shame me for using GoFundMe to ask for help during times of trouble. His legal fees and other troubles are ones he incurred himself. He didn’t have to sue Parma. He could have grown up, taken the hint about how fortunate he really is not to be in jail right now, and let the matter rest.

But not Anthony Novak. Oh no. In his diseased mind, the city of Parma committed the cardinal sin of standing up to his bullying, therefore they MUST be punished. None may ever dare defy him. Such is the warped mentality of your average textbook narcissist and psychotic.

But instead of manning up and paying his own legal fees, he expects other people to do it for him. Oh he can lie and say he was begging for money to cover his living expenses and not his lawyer’s services, but supposedly this boy has a steady job. He shouldn’t expect people to bail him out financially from a mess of his own making, not if he wants anyone to think he is at all consistent in the standards he applies. But he isn’t consistent, is he? He holds himself to a far lower standard than he holds everyone else to, including entire municipalities.

And who ultimately ends up paying for this boy’s sick indulgences?

Parma taxpayers.

The people he’s bilked out of their money to pay expenses he should be paying himself. If he can’t afford to live and sue the city the laws of which he broke, then he needs to rethink whether suing is worth it.

But that would require a conscience. Little Boy Anthony has none.

So, even as he hypocritically begs others to bail him out of a predicament he put himself into with his bad decisions in “life”, he goes on the warpath against people like me who fell on hard times and went to the last resort of asking for help.

Never mind that I’ve paid back people who loaned me money. It took a while given my income, but I did it. It was the proper and ethical thing to do. Those who gave and told me to simply pay it forward, and focus on getting stable work, I’m doing just that. I’m doing constructive things with my life that some choose to ignore because it hurts their depraved, obsessive narrative about someone they despise for nothing more than not taking their shit.

And then, of course, there’s the endless projection of their own pathologies onto the targets of their hatred. A psychiatrist could probably write whole books on the topic of a tiny circle of eternal children who have wasted literally years of their existences hounding me online, lying about me, subscribing to my blog and other social media all in an effort to get what they think is dirt on me so they can twist it to suit their insane agenda.

So, at the end of the day, who’s really pathetic? The guy who’s been struggling to get his life back on track and making honest efforts, or the little kids who will never be adults whose existences revolve, it seems, almost exclusively around little old me?

Just something to think about.

Of Hypocritical Pathetic Losers and Men

Well isn’t THIS rich: After spending literally YEARS hounding me online attacking me for asking for donations to help me with expenses, it turns out that Anthony HD Novak is, as always, the biggest fucking hypocrite.


Yes, the craven little bitch who impersonated an entire police department and got himself arrested, who regularly bashes me for asking people for help, has been conning others out of their money to pay for his legal expenses—expenses he incurred for himself by breaking the law. He lucked out and managed to weasel his way out of a conviction and is now pursuing a frivolous lawsuit against the Parma Police Department for daring to punish him for crossing the line. But the truth remains: he is a massive hypocrite on top of being a major league douchebag.

The boy has since removed his fund-raiser from view, but the fact is he made it, and it speaks volumes about what a pathetic loser he is and always has been. Like his buddy Rick Mullenax, his entire sad existence revolves around making fun of others and ripping on them for perceived failures in life. They have nothing else going for them. Their every waking minute is wasted obsessing over the actions and decisions of people over whom they have no authority or power.

Some children choose never to grow up. They’re living, breathing iterations of Günter Grass’ protagonist in The Tin Drum, but without any justification. Oskar Matzerath at least had some excuses for his refusal to mature in any way.

These knuckleheads don’t get to rip on anyone who asks for help ever again, not unless they want to be called out for the hypocritical losers they really are.

Johnny Lawrence Thinks Cyber-Bullies are Pussies. He’s Right.

Just before moving I got a thirty-day trial subscription to YouTube Red so I could watch its new show, Cobra Kai, which is a drama series with lots of lighthearted humor that follows the lives of characters from the original three Karate Kid films starring Ralph Macchio. Centering on the bully from the first movie, Johnny Lawrence, the story takes place largely from his perspective as he seeks redemption and tries to rebuild the karate dojo of which he was a part more than thirty years ago. It’s surprisingly well written and although there’s a lot of nostalgia built into the series, it always takes care to respect the material.

One scene, wherein Johnny is informed by one of his new students that she is mercilessly teased online by the school bullies, shows his thoughts on the subject of cyber-bullying: he thinks it’s for pussies. As far as Johnny Lawrence is concerned, if you want to bully someone, you do it with honor by doing it to his or her face, not cowering behind a monitor under the perceived safety of anonymity.

There’s a sort of warped logic to that: although cyber-bullying is real and has real consequences, the fact remains that the only ones who engage in it are rank cowards who are so terrified of physical confrontation that they can’t even self-identify lest their victims learn who they are and put them in their proper place at the very bottom of the proverbial social pecking order.

Bullying in any form is the hallmark of cowards and wimps, scumbags who could never take on anyone who is their equal and certainly no one who is their superior, so they lash out at those they perceive as being weaker.

Looking back at my life, I realize that those who have relentlessly bullied me are and always were cowards, “spineless loseres” as William Zabka’s character puts it. They are and will always be nothing else, because they lack the courage to face their victims on equal terms and let the chips fall where they may. No, to do that would be to to take a risk, something no coward can ever do because he or she cannot be confident of outcomes that aren’t 100% guaranteed in his or her favor. That’s why the age of the Internet has been so good for bullies too scared of risking an ass-beating to do it face-to-face. The perceived safety of anonymity allows them to attack without risk, to operate under the cover of Mommy and Daddy’s Wi-Fi, free from ever having to face any consequences for their depravity.

There was a time when bullies had to take the risk of being stood up to and beaten by their victims because there was no other alternative. Now, however, they’re weaker and more cowardly than ever, and so they’ve had to shift tactics by waging psychological abuse—physical confrontation is just too much for them to handle.

If it weren’t for the ability of cyber-bullies to drive some of their victims to suicide, it would be a joke. In fact, it is a joke, albeit one that never was and never shall be even remotely funny. But once one realizes just how weak and stupid cyber-bullies really are, their power fades away and all that’s left for them is impotent whining on the Internet as people just stop paying them any attention.

More on Projection Pathology

My previous post about the phenomenon of projection pathology got me thinking more on the subject, so I’ve done some more research into the topic.

I find that the most common types of persons who engage in projection pathology fall into the categories of psychopathy, sociopathy, and narcissistic personality disorder.

There is a lot of overlap among these forms of mental derangement, so it’s not surprising that symptoms are so similar. But all seem to have in common the tendency to project their own faults, failings, and deficiencies onto others, probably because they cannot deal with them and so are compelled to externalize them as a way to confront them without having to acknowledge the flaws in themselves.

In short, psychotic assholes project because they’re too chickenshit to deal with their own mental issues.

Sigmund Freud would probably have a field day with this, if he were alive today.

Children, children, children…

The lies just keep on coming.

Oh so now you’re screen grabbing her private messages? Does she know this? I’m sure she’d like to know you’re violating her private messages either by text, Facebook, or E-mail. Maybe somebody should let her know you’re doing that and if you try to deny it, We’ll just screen grab this so she knows it’s authentic. It will be up to her who she believes. As for who messaged her, it wasn’t us. Maybe there’s more people out there who thinks she’s a slut. You can’t say for sure.

As I’ve demonstrated already, liar-boy, you gave yourself away when you used your ‘getalifemike2013’ e-mail account to post your troll comments on my blog.




As can be seen in the screen captures, the IP addresses all match, and you slipped up in using your e-mail address instead of the fake ones you used to pretend you were different people. I have more where those came from, so keep lying and see how far that gets you, child.

So tell me, boy, what exactly makes my friend a “slut”? Is it because she rejected your advances, or is the mere act of being female and associating with me enough to justify being called nasty names by you? I just want to make sure your delusion is made clear so when anyone sees it he or she will know just how much of a lunatic you are.

Once more, you sound like an arrogant asshole. The word is real and has been used, especially in the legal sense. You can mock us or others who have used it, but at least we mastered driving, getting a steady check, and not being a sponge off other people. So seriously, where does being a grammar nazi really get you? It gets you unemployment, food stamps, and a panhandling web account. Forgive us if we don’t stop and bow at your reverence. Maybe if we try hard enough, we’ll lack common sense and make bad decisions just like you.

No, you’re just an idiot who can’t master basic spelling and grammar. I’m amazed a knuckle-dragging Troglodyte like you even managed to get a driver’s license, let alone find a job willing to keep you for any length of time. It does, after all, require good reading skills to be able to drive safely (you need to know what is printed on any given traffic sign, for example). Calling someone of Polish descent a Nazi is about the same as calling a Jew a Nazi: insulting and a slap in the proverbial face to all those who suffered and died under that evil regime. But then, you’re a deranged child who doesn’t care whom he hurts, so you figure you can’t be expected to show some fucking humanity. Also, a complete warping of history to suit a poor defense of your inability to communicate like someone who doesn’t have brain damage is really lame.

There’s more to the imbecile’s latest troll post but it’s just repetitive bullshit he’s spewed onto the ‘net enough times there’s no need to even address it.

As for David, well, he is, as always, making false assumptions.


  • I didn’t order anything from Victoria’s Secret or, for that matter, any magazines. This isn’t the first time companies have sent me stuff I never ordered. When I moved in with my one friend four years ago, someone began sending me issues of Money Magazine for months and months, and I’d never ordered it. Likewise, when I moved into the place in which I am now staying, I began receiving issues of Architectural Digest magazine which, again, I never ordered. This as I’ve come to learn is a common occurrence—companies send random people subscriptions hoping they’ll be dumb enough to renew. I don’t know how often that trick actually works, but I guess somebody thinks it does often enough to keep doing it.
  • I’m a straight male. Why the blueberry fuck would I order anything from Victoria’s Secret anyway? I have no use for it.
  • Look at the middle initial, dumbass. My old one was ‘K’, not ‘F’, and there is more than one Michael Kwiatkowski in Ohio, so has it not occurred to you that whoever is in charge of sending out random subscriptions might simply have picked it out of one of those online name databases? Those are notoriously inaccurate, which you’d know if you bothered to do your research instead of leaping to the worst conclusions like you always do just because you hate my guts and want to believe the worst about me.
  • If you children actually took your own orders to me and got lives of your own, you might actually not be so bloody pathetic.

    UPDATE I (28 July, 2015 at 10:15AM):

    So now you’re sending her messages after calling her a slut? What exactly do you think you’re trying to accomplish? Is it another division and isolation scheme? Your derangement puzzles me. First you send her nasty messages calling her names. Then you impersonate her on my blog. You continue to call her nasty names. Then you deny ever having sent her messages in the first place and try to pretend it was someone else, and when I present incontrovertible evidence that you did do that, you go ahead and send her another message saying I posted screen caps of our conversation. I did that in order to prove what a liar you are, and blocked out the name in order to protect my friend’s identity. I didn’t block yours because your shameful behavior really does need to be exposed for what it is. You shouldn’t be allowed to anonymously stalk, harass, and bully people. There’s a certain level of crazy that may be dismissed as harmless, and then there’s the level you exist on, which crosses lines that are worthy of criminal prosecution.

    UPDATE II (28 July, 2015 at 11:05AM):

    At the request of my friend I removed the Facebook screen captures. I should have asked for and received her permission before posting them and for that I apologize. I also inadvertently used an unedited version of the blog comment screen capture in which the troll posed as my friend. That, too, has been rectified. Sorry for my part of the mess.

    UPDATE III (29 July, 2015 at 11:10AM):

    Gloating now, I see.



    Okay, first things first. You sent my friend messages through Facebook trying to drive another wedge between us, but you’re still calling her a slut. Of course, your reason for doing that comes solely from your insane hatred for me and absolutely nothing else. But it’s interesting that you’re actually bragging about this.

    Second, I applied for public housing four years ago. It’s taken this long simply to get an interview to determine eligibility because of the massive backlog of applications.

    Third, Defending myself against yet another lie told by my crazy younger “brother” isn’t anything but what it is. Stop projecting your own degeneracy onto me.

    Fourth, to my other friend who now apparently thinks it’s her business to meddle in the friendships of other people, might I suggest you mind your own business. You betrayed our friendship and now you’re trying to ruin my friendship with someone else. Just because you’re having a hissy fit because I called you out for snooping in my password-protected blog doesn’t give you the right to sabotage my social relationships with others. I don’t go around badmouthing you to your friends.

    UPDATE IV (29 July, 2015 at 11:37PM):

    The Fail is strong with this one…

    We didn’t write to the SLUT BAG so stop your lying, BOY! We also don’t hate you and that’s just your insane assumption. Face facts, that’s just another lie you keep telling yourself.

    Suuuure, which is why you keep sending her messages or else having one of your flunkies do it for you. You got caught and you know it, and no amount of lame denials is going to change that fact. Your every action drips with hatred. Pretty much everyone I’ve shown your insanity to concurs.

    What difference does it make when you applied? There’s no reason for you need to take a good home from real person or family in need.

    You wrote “now” I want public housing, which is a lie. I applied for it years ago, so it can hardly be something new. And I am a person in need, since you obviously haven’t bothered to notice, which is why I applied in the first place.

    Excuse us, we are not the ones who sent out for female lingerie coupons, you creepy little pervert. YOU DID!

    Are you really this stupid? Why the blueberry fuck would I send away for something and have it delivered someplace I no longer reside, knowing there would be zero chance of recovery? It’s a random mailing by people who neither know or care to get their info straight.

    As usual, you blame someone else for your own faults. That stupid windbag you once called friend is correct because it serves you right!

    For someone who claims to have former friends as his eyes, ears, and allies, you sure do like to insult them. What do you think they would say if “someone” showed them the screen caps of you posting this crap?

    Now get out there, stop spending so much time on the internet, and get a job so you can rent your own place (Not a room where the landlord make you clean his shitty asshole) and eat your own food, BOY!

    Speaking of crap, it’s left on the toilet seat. I’m obviously not going to clean the boy up. Now piss off, child. You and your troll buddies have done enough damage.

    UPDATE V (30 July, 2015 at 12:00PM):

    Yes, the Fail is very strong with this one.

    There’s a clear way to resolve who messaged the SLUT and that’s by asking her. That will close the case on that little mystery. Of course, you’ll deny that the same way you denied any wrong doing on your own part by losing the friendship of Just a Windbag A Bloggin. It’s always someone else. Never you. You’re poor, it’s someone else’s fault. You get kicked out of multiple homes, it’s someone else’s fault. You can’t utilize your useless degree, it’s someone else’s fault. Most people see that. Even the ones who don’t agree with our methodology.

    Again, you’re lying about us hating you. Just because you pull that out of your ass doesn’t make it true. We get to say if we hate you. Not you, BOY!

    Okay, this is one of those many, many instances where your hatred is pretty obvious. No one posts stuff like this out of love or friendship. It’s done purely out of hatred, but as always, you knew that already when you wrote this. You are incapable of telling the truth. And what’s with calling people nasty names when you’re trying to get their support in your worthless crusade? Don’t you think you’re sabotaging your own agenda? Or is it because they wouldn’t sign on to your sick vendetta that you’re resorting to insult? That’s very telling.

    Again, we didn’t send anything to the vagina grand canyon. If she said we sent anything then she isn’t only a slut, but a liar. As for calling us flunkies, we we are not the ones using food stamps, begging for money, or cleaning poop from our landlord’s bunghole. None of us ever tried to use a parent’s death to get pity and money. You forgive him? YOU FORGIVE HIM? He didn’t do anything wrong and he knew you weren’t all there. We didn’t make that up, you wrote that yourself. Later, you wrote a scathing blog on a different site about how Father’s Day should be for those who are worthy of it, claiming your DAD wasn’t.

    Lie. What she said or didn’t say is for us to know and you to piss your pants about. For the last time, I’m not cleaning him up. I’m cleaning up the messes he leaves in the bathroom. Try reading what I post instead of wasting your massive amount of time trying to come up with some way to lie about it.

    And let’s get one thing absolutely clear, you fucking degenerate: What happened between my father and me and our subsequent reconciliation is NONE OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS. Things change. People change. The things I wrote in anger and pain years ago are no longer relevant to things that happened afterward. Your disgusting use of my late father as a weapon against me is about as low as one can go, and you do it precisely because you know it pushes my buttons. If you were to say something like that to a person on the street, it’s very likely you would be suffering a broken jaw at the very least. You might not even get back up again after ripping into someone like that using a deceased relative, because you’d get your ass beaten so badly. So what in the FUCK, besides cowardly hiding behind an anonymous user handle, makes you think you can do that to me? That you do hide like a coward is why you think you can get away with stuff.

    The better question is….why would you be getting these coupons? Sexy lingerie companies don’t just send mail to random strangers unless they signed up for them. Maybe you just wanted to whack it to the pictures. Maybe you wanted to wear the panties. Maybe you have a fetish to wank it to female panties. Hard to say. All we know, based on the evidence, that you have unusual sexual appetites.

    Oh, I don’t know, maybe because companies have a habit of sending people things they never ordered.


    Of course, free or low-priced magazine trial offers aren’t new. As Meredith Wagner, executive vice president for MPA, The Association of Magazine Media notes: “It’s a well proven method for publishers to find new readers. And consumers get to sample new magazines and may find one that they enjoy reading that matches their interests well.”

    But over past few years, as print magazine circulation has slid, promotions have become particularly aggressive — though perfectly legal, says Katherine Hutt, the BBB’s national spokesperson.



    Since 2000 I’ve received in the mail things I’ve never ordered. I’ve gotten Parents Magazine, diaper samples, and other pre- and post-natal samples from a company that was under the mistaken impression that I was a pregnant woman (their invoices even had me named ‘Michaela’ or ‘Michael A’). I’ve received issues of Money Magazine, having never subscribed, with threatening expiration notices demanding I renew the subscription I never made in the first place. More recently, I’ve found myself sent issues of Architectural Digest even though, again, I never sent away for it.

    Now, I realize that your hatred of me has caused your I.Q. to drop; I mean, look at your atrocious grammar—I’m pretty sure there are five year olds who could write a more coherent sentence than you can. But really, you need to do your homework before leaping to false conclusions. Again, there is no logical reason to send away for something, using a name I no longer even have, or having it sent to a place in which I no longer reside. And if you look at the above screen capture, it shows the morons even got my name wrong, using a different middle initial than what I had under my old surname. A sane person would think about that for a few seconds and reach the logical conclusion. But you? As crazy as you are, you automatically had to make that leap, as did your pal David. It never once occurred to you assholes that there might be another, far more plausible, and much more mundane explanation.

    Countdown to your next delusional rant-fest commencing now.

    UPDATE VI (17 August, 2015 at 11:00AM):

    Does this ass clown ever get tired of lying?




    Again, I wipe down the toilet seat, not somebody’s ass. Get your facts straight, child.

    As for the potential job in China, do you really think I’m that stupid that I wouldn’t check it out before applying? I did, and the company is legitimate. They cover the work visa, dumbass. All I have to worry about are the passport and the plane ticket.


    Your opinion of my photography skills is as worthless as you are, so don’t expect anyone to concur with you.

    The average cost of professional head shots alone can be anywhere from seventy-five dollars to two hundred dollars—minimum—so my offering them for a fifty dollar contribution is actually inexpensive. You’d know that if you weren’t so riddled with hate that you feel the need to accuse me of ripping people off even when it’s obvious I’m doing no such thing.






    Keep flailing about, child. Keep trying desperately to convince people you’re anything but a psychopath of a loser who lives in his mommy’s attic and has nothing better to do all day than to attack me online because you’re too much of a coward to face me and say all this in person. Maybe someday you’ll convince yourself. But I doubt it.

    UPDATE VII (27 August, 2015 at 9:30PM):

    This sicko has a disgusting habit of attacking me using dead friends and relatives as his rhetorical weapons, and it pisses me off.






    Dismissing the rest of your drivel for the dishonest, ignorant bullshit you always spew, I want to address this appalling garbage in particular:

    We’re sorry, when was the last time you visited with this so-called friend? If it’s been years, why now all of a sudden do you want to go to his funeral event? Why not pay your respects some other time? How about when you’re not working? We believe there is more to the story than you’re letting on.

    You’re willing to screw yourself for some stupid principle that actually has nothing to do with your deceased friend. It has to go with your ego. You can’t stand someone telling you no.

    You really are a sick piece of shit for using my dead friends and relatives as rhetorical weapons with which to attack me. How dare you do this!? What kind of depraved, subhuman savage does this? Answer: YOU. How full of hate you are to pull stunts like this. Someone’s loved one dies and instead of displaying even the slightest shred of human decency, you just ramp up the attacks. This shit’s getting really old, child. Degenerate psychopaths like you ought to be locked away where you can’t hurt anyone.

    UPDATE VIII (30 August, 2015 at 2:10PM):

    Do you ever get tired of spewing your unbelievable bullshit?


    You are so far removed from reality it is impossible for you to ever come back, if you ever had a grip on it to begin with.

    UPDATE IX (31 August, 2015 at 4:20PM):

    I am talking, child. I’m speaking and writing the truth: You are completely bat-shit insane. That you can’t handle that isn’t my fault, but you insist on making it my problem.


    UPDATE X (2 September, 2015 at 5:50PM):

    Someone has a rather unhealthy obsession.




    Who exactly is twisting your arm to follow my every social media post? No one. You make the conscious decision to do that. Isn’t it time you ended your stalking and focused on your own life instead of obsessively hounding someone else? Again, no one is forcing you to wage your little crusade. You made the choice on your own to do that. You’re the only one who takes any issue with what I do or don’t do with my life.

    UPDATE XI (7 September, 2015 at 11:00AM):

    And the bullshit just keeps on coming.





    Now that is so poorly blotted out that it really wouldn’t take a genius to figure out who is being libeled. Every time you post your bullshit, child, you give yourself away just a little bit more.

    As for your latest round of crap, I’d like to ask you one question today: To what extent do you agree with my assertion that you’re a narcissist?

    If your dad and english teacher were still alive, they’d shake their heads at your insanity.

    There you go again, dragging my dead father and my dead friend into it, using them as weapons against me. You really have no shame and no humanity at all. You are subhuman.

    Stop blaming poverty for your failures. You and you alone are the reason you’re in the mess that you’re in. Make yourself accountable for once in your pathetic life.

    Bullshit. I did not do this to myself and you know it.

    So much for that stellar degree that makes you think you’re better than other people.

    I’ve never thought myself better than anyone else. I went for me degree because it was what I wanted to do with my life and because the jobs that pay more than minimum wage require college degrees. Without a college degree, there is ZERO chance of securing truly gainful employment. Minimum wage jobs never have and likely never shall pay enough to live on. That you think I should waste my life doing jobs that keep me mired in poverty is beyond insanity, and indicative of just how much of a mental case you really are.

    By the way, your pathetic excuse for a “contract” is about as racist as it can get. I’m fairly certain Chinese people do not go around pelting visitors to their country with egg rolls or calling them ’round eyes’. That you actually see nothing wrong with making remarks like that is telling.

    UPDATE XII (8 September, 2015 at 12:45PM):

    The definition of ‘Degenerate’:


    adjective: degenerate


    1. having lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable; showing evidence of decline.
    “a degenerate form of a higher civilization”

    synonyms: debased, degraded, corrupt, impure; formalvitiated
    “a degenerate form of classicism”

    noun: degenerate; plural noun: degenerates


    1. an immoral or corrupt person.

    synonyms: reprobate, debauchee, profligate, libertine, roué
    “a group of degenerates”

    In response to my earlier post about the ass clown being subhuman for using my dead friend and my dead father to attack me:

    Wrong. It is fact that they have criticized your behavior. One claimed you were not all there and the other called you a nut. Deny it if you want, but it doesn’t make it less true because you don’t like it.

    My friend never called me a ‘nut’. You just lied—AGAIN. My Dad was basically brainwashed by my “mother” and would have said anything to prevent her from going to jail even after he’d just witnessed the evil old hag attacking me with the blade end of a snow shovel. At any rate, what went on between my Dad and me is, as I’ve said repeatedly, none of your fucking business you god-damned degenerate.

    This is coming from the BOY who made racist statements about Southerners in a past blog because your boss ordered you to work instead of going to a funeral that you were going to use as an “ass kissing” social event.

    What in the blueberry FUCK is wrong with you, boy? You really think anyone would only go to a funeral just to kiss ass or schmooze? Not everyone is a psychopathic, amoral piece of shit like you; most people are decent enough to go to funerals to mourn the deceased and nothing else, so stop projecting your personal moral failings onto others. And Stupid, southerners aren’t a “race”. They’re a geographically located group. Get a clue.

    First, take a look at your own situation. What has your degree given you other than working at places that serve food? You might chime in and mention China, but c’mon…you’ll go there and probably get your organs harvested by some Chinese underground gang. That or you’ll mouth off to some Chinese authoritative figure and you’ll end up working as a sex slave.

    There you go again with the racism. What is it with you, anyway? Are you some card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan, or are you simply a bigoted douchebag?

    Child, you keep acting as if you know me. You don’t. Everything you think you know about me is a Lie told by crazy people who hate my guts. You’ve known that from the very beginning. You’re also incredibly arrogant to think you have any right whatsoever to dictate who may do what with his or her life. You don’t.

    But the fact remains that you’re a subhuman savage who will stoop to any low—from attacking people through their deceased loved ones to making false accusations—in order to press your sick vendetta.

    You think I owe you something. After everything you’ve done to me, I owe you nothing. What you want from me I neither have nor am I inclined at this point to give even if I did have it. Go fuck yourself, degenerate.

    UPDATE XIII (9 September, 2015 at 3:45PM):

    Hoooo boy…

    Actually, your dead friend did think you were nuts. If anyone is lying, it is you, BOY! As for your dead father, how dare you insult his intelligence. How could you be so disrespectful and act as if he had no mind of his own? Just because you are a weak minded twit doesn’t mean he was. You’re not even a percent of a man he was. The police saw no cause to arrest her, but they almost arrested you because of your smart little mouth. Of course, when anyone disagrees with you, you call them names. Let’s face facts, your mother might be a bitch, but you getting hit with that shovel was karma. You’re lucky most people don’t knock you on your ass with the way you run that mouth. All bark and no bite, BOY!

    And you would know what he thought of me how…? Somehow I don’t think you’re in a position to know the minds of my deceased friends and relatives. My aunts both concur that my “mother” had my Dad so helpless and beaten down that he simply rolled over and went along with her line of thinking just to get her off his back. Next time, degenerate, know what the f*** you’re talking about before you go spewing your lies.

    Oh, and it is our god-damned business. Don’t like it, don’t post your shit all over the web, stupid.

    They weren’t your friends and relatives. They were mine. It’s none of your goddamned business—period.

    There’s nothing wrong with me, BOY! You’re the one who thinks it’s okay to drop jobs to see the dead when you couldn’t do it while he was alive. I can understand his family and close friends wanting to pay their respects, but you were neither. You were just another leech, wanting him to rescue you from yourself. Thank goodness he never did because he was a man of honor.

    You know nothing, you worthless piece of shit. Mr. Massaro did far more for me than you can possibly comprehend, because you’re too full of hate to see what people do for one another. You’re even crazier than I thought if you think it’s okay to blow off someone’s funeral, especially if it’s for family or close friends.

    F***ing degenerate scumbag attacking people through friends and relatives, living or dead, because you’re too much of a pussy to face me directly and say stuff to my face. You’re a psychopath and a coward, a bully of the lowest sort. You’re utterly worthless and so is your opinion.

    UPDATE XIV (10 September, 2015 at 7:15PM):

    Don’t worry about how we know. Just know that we do.

    You know absolutely nothing. You didn’t know him and you weren’t there.

    As for your aunts, their opinion doesn’t matter.

    Actually, Stupid, yes it does matter, because they were his sisters and they were the ones talking to him when his youngest son was busy staying away. My one aunt sent me a message via Facebook after Dad was put in the nursing home saying he told her he felt he had no choice in my eviction because his wife and other son were pressuring him. So fuck you once again and fuck what you think you know. You know nothing.

    The idea that your father didn’t have a mind of his own is so insulting that you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Ever hear of Stockholm Syndrome, Stupid?

    1.How do you know we weren’t friends or relatives to them? Big assumption.

    Well, let’s see now…you claim you’re not David or Mallory, so that’s two suspects eliminated assuming you’re not lying like you always do. And if you’re not Rick as you claim, assuming you’re not lying like you always do, then you never knew Mr. Massaro. And really, I don’t imagine anyone else who knew him being psycho enough to stoop to the sort of subhuman, hate-driven garbage you’ve been engaging in for two years now.

    2.Don’t post your business for everyone to see and people won’t comment….PERIOD

    Yet you get pissed every time I call you out on your unmitigated bullshit and every time I post screen captures of your filth. Hypocritical much?

    We agree, he has done a lot for you. It just didn’t go the other way because you’re a parasite who feeds off others kindness and generosity until they get sick of you. He got sick of you in the end like so many others. To pretend otherwise would be a lie. The point is, you could have visited his grave at anytime to pay your respects. You didn’t have to go to his funeral to schmooze and kiss ass when there’s work to be done. You always were lazy.

    This is so utterly delusional I don’t quite know where to begin to take it apart, but I’ll give it a go.

    1.) At no time did Mr. Massaro ever express “being sick of” me, nor did I ever stay with him or ask him for anything.

    2.) Only a subhuman, degenerate piece of shit like you would make such a false accusation. You like to project your faults and failings onto others, so maybe you use funerals as an excuse to schmooze. I, on the other hand, being a sane person with no ulterior motives, went to pay my respects and say goodbye to my late friend. How fucking dare you, you savage!

    3.) I work my ass off daily just to pay the rent, for food, and to get myself to and from work. Again, maybe since you don’t do any actual work you figure you can project your own laziness onto others, but you know nothing of what I do or how hard I work. Unlike you, I have a job and I do it to the best of my abilities. I can’t imagine, what with all the time you spend tracking down my every social media post and writing up hit pieces on my from the imaginary safety of your anonymous user handle, that you even leave your parents’ attic.

    Yeah, saying anything to your face would be pointless. We are not scared of you, there’s just no point to say anything to your face. You’d provoke us so you’d have an excuse to be the victim and call the cops.


    That’s because you’re a fucking coward who knows he can’t say shit to my face without revealing himself. You know I’d call you out for your bullshit. You’re not afraid of me because of anything physical I may or may not do. You’re afraid of me because being exposed for the worthless loser you really are would cause your delusionary little world to crumble down around you. I imagine you don’t have any real friends, and that if word got out that this is what you like to do for a hobby, people would loathe you even more than they probably do already.

    UPDATE XV (14 September, 2015 at 12:15PM):

    Now this BULLshit:








    Shows just how much of a subhuman, degenerate piece of shit you really are. Obviously, with you, there’s no room for changing one’s mind or growing or anything else—a person has to remain static all the time. Or probably you only apply that standard to me because it fits in with your delusional hatred. Whatever the case, it’s bullshit just like everything else you vomit out onto the Internet.

    You’re just an insane whack-job filled with hate and loathing who thinks I owe him something because he’s too much of a pussy to get his own life in order, so he has to tear into me to make himself feel like something resembling a human being.

    You talk to my ex-friends and relatives trying to get what you think is dirt on me, but all you get are lies fed to you by deranged assholes, and then jump on each and every single thing I post online. You stoop to using my dead friends and relatives to attack me, and you have the unmitigated gall to label me crazy and claim shamelessness on my part. You make up bullshit accusations of crimes, only to have to pull them from view later on because you realize you went too far and opened yourself up to prosecution. You hound me on every social media web site I visit just so you have a steady supply of “ammunition”. If I dare treat myself or a friend to the annual or bi-annual excursion, you hold that up as “proof” of wasting money, never minding that such only comes around very rarely, having the audacity to assume that because I’m poor that means I’m not allowed to have anything resembling a normal life. But you call me crazy. You’re not even human, you worthless pile of excrement. You have neither the right or the credibility to make judgments about anyone on anything. You’re a cowardly piece of garbage who can’t even face me like an adult, instead hiding behind a monitor spewing bullshit and venom from the perceived safety of your mommy’s and daddy’s home.

    Well, child, I’ve got news for you: Whatever the hell it is you want or expect from me, you are NEVER going to get it. I am never going to stop trying to live my life, I am never going to stop trying to realize my goals even if it takes me the rest of my days, and I am never going to apologize for the terrible things you and your little circle jerk of sociopaths do to me.

    Keep talking shit, child. You’re making me famous.

    UPDATE XVI (15 September, 2015 at 7:09PM):

    You keep panhandling people for money, you keep making bad decisions, and you’re still clueless.

    Trying to raise money for a project or business isn’t panhandling and you know it. I’m offering photo sessions and videos for events to backers, so actual work is being offered in return for contributions. But you’re so deep into the bowels of your hate-driven insanity that these things are never mentioned. My decisions, good or bad (a highly subjective evaluation, by the way), are mine and mine alone to make. They have absolutely no effect on you whatsoever.

    There’s no hatred in us, but you think anyone who thinks you’re wrong hates you and that is delusional.

    This is such an obvious lie given every piece of hate-addled bullshit you’ve posted, it’s amazing you think you’re fooling anyone. No one does what you have done and keep on doing relentlessly out of love or indifference or concern for another person’s well being. It’s all been purely out of hate and you know it. There’s no need for you to lie about your hatred. You’re trying to convince yourself more than anyone else.

    Where have we ever said you owe us?

    It’s fairly obvious from your insane rants that you think I owe you something: a victory, some kind of satisfaction seeing me homeless, destitute, dead, or whatever. Whatever it is you want or expect from me, you’re never going to get it, so quit kidding yourself about this crazed campaign of yours getting any kind of result.

    I think you owe it to yourself and others, but not us. As for our lives, we have ours in order. We have stable jobs, we have our own place, and you won’t see us begging people for money. Creating a perception of who you think we are doesn’t make it true. Maybe in your own autistic mind, but not in reality. You always had a hard time understanding that, but it’s a mental health thing so we kind of get it.

    What I owe to myself is a career in my own chosen profession, not whatever bullshit job you’d have me work for the rest of my days. And what right or business do you have dictating to me what’s realistic for my life or what I should do with it? Fuck you. If your life were in order, you wouldn’t feel this insane compulsion to rip into mine every single day you draw breath. But your life isn’t in order. I’ll bet even money it’s a total wreck and you blame me for it for whatever cockamamie excuse you try to invent. You keep accusing me of having autism even though we both know I don’t have it, and knowing I display none of the symptoms. Do you even know what autistic people are really like? Obviously not.

    So any ex-friend or family who says you have a problem is wrong.

    The ones you talk to are, yes. And they’re more than just wrong; they’re deliberately lying, and you and they know full well they’re lying.

    We are not using anyone.

    You just lied again, child. You’ve been using my dead father and my dead friend as rhetorical weapons with which to attack me for months now, knowing how much it hurts me. You are subhuman.

    As for accusations that were pulled, we never claimed it was definitive.

    No prosecutor or jury would believe that. Keep telling yourself otherwise, though. Libel is a serious offense.

    You hound certain family and ex-friends on social media and you consider it normal. We do it and it’s psychotic.

    Only when you cretins post shit about me, for record-keeping purposes so you can’t claim you never posted any such things. I don’t claim to be a saint in the screen capture department. But considering all the vile things you assholes have been posting, keeping records and showing just how depraved you savages are only makes sense. I didn’t start this bullshit. You did. Don’t whine about it just because it’s done back to you. You keep ranting about how anything and everything I post on the ‘net is fair game for you to attack. Well, by that standard the same goes for you: everything you spew out is also fair game for anyone to go after. You can’t have it both ways, claiming it’s okay for you to attack anything and everything I post because I put it on the ‘net, but then turn around and blast me for saving screen captures and using them in my defense against your attacks. Take your own advice and stop being such a pussy.

    Talk about psychotic. Sheesh!

    Do you know how nuts you sound?

    I imagine a lot less nuts than you come across.

    Normally, it would be fine to occasionally treat yourself or a friend.

    Obviously not or else you wouldn’t have attacked me for it. Again, this is a standard that only applies to me because of your insane hatred for me.

    Do you want a treat/treat someone else or a camera? Do you want a treat/treat someone else or go to school? It’s called sacrifice.

    Don’t lecture me about sacrifice, you fuckwad. I’ve given up or had taken from me more than you can ever imagine. You know absolutely nothing of sacrifice.

    Actually, we are human. DNA testing would prove this so once again, you’re a liar and you proved your not all there if you don’t think we are human.

    There’s more to being human than simple DNA, but you knew that already. You lack conscience, empathy, compassion, a sense of right and wrong, and other qualities that make us human beings what we are.

    That little power rant sums up your mental illness.

    I don’t have any mental illness. You and your little circle jerk buddies, on the other hand, apparently have plenty. But projecting is something you excel at doing because you’re too much of a coward and child to take responsibility for your insanity and get the help you so desperately need.

    You watched Rudy one too many times.

    I’ve never seen it, actually. But keep assuming you know my viewing habits, boy-o.

    You can do whatever you want

    Oh, do I have your permission, Master? Oh, wait, I don’t need it. Never mind.

    understand your goals are lofty and unrealistic.

    That’s only your warped opinion, and you’ve neither the right or the presence of mind to dictate to anyone what’s realistic for his or her life. That’s arrogance on your part on a psychotic level.

    Your mind won’t change, but reality will hold you in check. You don’t have to like it, but that’s the facts.

    Coming from someone who is completely detached from reality, that’s a laugh.

    Making you famous? Who do you think are? Emilio Estevez or some bratty teenage girl? Your panhandling accounts beg to differ with your statement. Feel free to elaborate how you’re soooo famous.

    It was a joke, Imbecile—a parting one-liner like your bullshit “drops the mic” line at the end of some of your insane tirades. Are you really this stupid?

    UPDATE XVII (21 September, 2015 at 5:30PM):

    Here we go again…

    Any bad thing that happens to you will be your own doing. We are just prophets of warning.

    And you call me crazy. A prophet? Seriously? What, are you channeling God or something? How long have you been hearing these voices? Ballpark guess.

    Picking your own profession…that’s funny me.

    How is deciding what I want to do with my life, instead of letting worthless shit-stains like you dictate what I am and am not allowed to do, a bad thing? NEWSFLASH, psycho-boy: Most people choose what profession they want to go into. Although it’s true that many of us don’t get to be in the jobs or careers they want to be in, that’s not our fault generally speaking. Life happens. People and things get in the way. Disasters occur, ones so bad some of us can’t ever recover. None of this changes the fundamental right we all have to determine our own destinies, and no amount of psychotic rambling from you is going to alter that.

    What the fuck have you given up? What was taken from you? In order to have something taken, you had to actually own it.

    My home, most of what little I had in this world, any hope of a normal life…things you can’t possibly imagine because you know nothing of loss.

    Here’s what sacrifice is….it’s when you want something and you work for it. it means giving up luxuries to meet an ultimate goal. It means not burning bridges and quitting a job because of you’re so called principles. Want that camera? Give up your bullshit reckless spending. Want to move somewhere? Stop your reckless spending and save. It means get off the web and get out there and achieve! It means you’ll do whatever it takes. You have no idea what sacrifice is. No concept!

    Don’t lecture me about work until you’ve actually done an honest day’s worth yourself, bitch. You know nothing about me. Everything you think you know comes from a couple of crazed lunatics, and distortions of what I’ve posted online. You don’t know what I do every day or what I go through.

    Again, how many family and friends suggested you seek mental health treatment?

    Only one: my psycho-brother David, who is himself an admitted head case. But you knew that already. It’s amazing how delusional you are to think that crazy people like you and he are in any way qualified to diagnose sane people with your insanity. Project your bullshit somewhere else, child.

    As for your little teaching job in China…don’t be a moron! Take the job! Save up for your passport and get out of our country. Sell your shit or throw it away. Fuck storage! Do you want this great opportunity or not? If you miss out because you couldn’t get a storage unit then you proved our point. Honestly, we think it’s a scam by an underground gang to harvest your organs or to sell you into sex slavery, but fuck it…GO FOR BROKE!

    How much more racist can you get, child? It’s my country too. You don’t hold exclusive title to it, or who stays or goes. I’m not giving up what little I have remaining in this world just because you think I should have nothing. I’ll save up and do whatever else it takes within the law to make sure I can put my belongings in storage. Stop obsessing with what I’m doing with my life and worry about what you’re doing with yours, because really, you’re wasting it with this sick vendetta of yours.

    To avoid his own personal failings, the BOY decided to tackle a football issue. We assume he’s a “hardcore” football fan now because he works at a team’s stadium as a burger flipper. He seems to like it which is good. He’s finally found his place in life because it’s apparent he’s not getting the job in China or any other job of lofty aspirations. Kitchen bitch serves him best.

    We are a little concerned as to why he’s focusing on another guy’s balls though. Maybe because he doesn’t have any of his own? Maybe they are just as deflated as the other man’s in question?

    We are not football fans and we really don’t care about looking into another man’s ball problems, but why is he so focused on another man’s balls when constant drug use and concussions are a much bigger problem in pro sports? He should focus more on that and less on another guy’s balls. Then again, maybe he should just focus on being a responsible adult and his burger flipping. Oh, and shut down all his digital panhandling accounts.

    Now put your pink Victoria’s Secret panties on and get to work, BOY!

    That’s a crazier rant than you usually make. What I am or am not a fan of is irrelevant to the topics I posted about, which ranged from a disgraced football player to a new hominid fossil discovery, to some religious whacko from Kentucky. Just because I happen to like my present job doesn’t mean I’m making a career out of it. I have goals in this life and I’m not giving them up to placate you, you degenerate psychopath. Fuck off already.

    UPDATE XVIII (23 September, 2015 at 7:15PM):

    Ohhh brudder…

    It’s an expression. Your aspergers must be allowing you to interpret things differently. Seek help, BOY!

    For the last time, I don’t have Asperger’s. That’s you projecting your insanity onto me, just as you’ve always done. You called yourself “prophets of warning”, which has very obvious biblical connotations. But you’ll use any rationalization you can latch onto to press your false accusations.

    Over 40 years of failure should be proof enough that you’re picking the wrong professions.

    If so, then that’s my problem to worry about. It’s not yours. My choices in life have absolutely no effect on you whatsoever. No one asked you to wage your little crusade against me. No one’s forcing you to remain hidden on my friends list on Facebook or any other social media account. No one’s forcing you to stalk my every Twitter post. No one’s forcing you to contribute to my crowd-funding campaign. No one’s twisting your arm to look at anything I post online. That was always a conscious decision you made to do all that. Why is it so important to you what I do with my life? You’re not part of it and you’re not affected by it. You choose to involve yourself in what I do with my life.

    Not everyone can work in Hollywood.

    Nor do I wish to work in Hollywood. I want to go into academia. It’s my life, my career, and my choice. It’s not yours.

    We have done more hard work in a day than you have your entire life, but that’s besides the point.

    Obviously not since you’ve spent nearly every day for the past two years obsessively stalking my every online post and sowing division between me and my friends, and going around lying about my fund-raising efforts. What kind of “work” do you do that allows you so much time to devote to your obsession? And how do you know what I do or don’t do at my jobs? I work my ass off and you know it.

    Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! More people have asked you to get mental health treatment and you know it. You are a liar, BOY!

    Name them or it didn’t happen. You won’t, of course, because no one but you and David have—and you didn’t even ask; you demanded, as though you have any authority over me to order me about. You don’t and you never did. But I’ve done a fairly good job exposing you for the demented whack-job(s) and liar(s) you always have been, and your endless tirades just keep showing how unbalanced and dishonest you are.

    Racist? Really? You just like throwing words out there to see what sticks, don’t you?

    When you make blatantly racist statements, that’s a pretty good indication you’re a racist. Remember: I have the screen captures showing your racist remarks. Don’t even try to deny or rationalize them. You’ll simply dig yourself in deeper than you already have.

    You are a kitchen bitch and you need to accept that.

    I’m what I choose to be. You need to accept that.

    So you’re focusing on a disgraced football player? Which means he’s a dirty player? Which means his balls are dirty. Which means you’re focusing on another man’s dirty balls! Don’t you have no shame, PERVERT?

    Your train of “reasoning” is highly abnormal, and demonstrates once again just how sick you are. I’d suggest again that you get psychiatric help, but I know you won’t listen.

    And you know what, child? I’m done wasting my time and energy on you. You’re going to keep doing what you always do, which is try to destroy my reputation. Sooner or later your escalations will land you in trouble, and then you’ll be a problem for the legal system to deal with. I’m washing my hands of you and your degeneracy.

    Online Harassers Really Are Losers

    In an article by IFLS, it’s reported that males who engage in online harassment of females tend to be really bad at gaming.

    In gaming spaces a woman is four times as likely to receive negative comments as a man behaving identically.

    Michael Kasumovic of the University of New South Wales and Jeffrey Kuznekoff of Miami University decided to investigate what is driving this rage. In PLOS ONE they note, “Although there is much research dedicated to understanding sexist behavior, we have almost no insight into what triggers this behavior and the individuals that initiate it.”

    The topic may be far too broad to cover in a single study, but the pair set out to test the hypothesis that sexism is driven by men trying to hold onto traditionally male spaces that they perceive women to be invading. Kasumovic and Kuznekoff considered an evolutionary hypothesis that men at the bottom of a hierarchy will be the most hostile to new arrivals, as they are the most vulnerable to loss of status if women come to rank higher than them in the subculture’s pecking order. They contrast this with social constructivist theories that sexism is unrelated to positions within a hierarchy.

    Basically, if a dude sucks at a MMORPG and he sees a gal doing better than he is, he gets jealous and starts in on her with flaming.

    So the next time you go online to play your favorite MMORPG and find yourself trolled by other players, just remember that they’re simply jealous because you mastered in five minutes what they’ve spent twelve hours trying to figure out.