Coronavirus Isolation Hasn’t Really Changed Much

So yeah, Ohio is on official lockdown until at least 6 April 2020. No thanks to the degenerate Drumpf, Coronavirus is here in the United States and it is ravaging the nation with every state in the Union reporting hundreds of confirmed infections and tens or even hundreds of thousands of suspected infections.

To make matters worse, my desktop computer is dead, so I’m forced to work on my laptop that is also going on me. I’m fortunate that my new job is still paying staff while this pandemic has us confined to our homes, but that could change depending on how long this thing goes on. But even if my job does continue, it’s only scheduled to last until October, at which time I’ll be unemployed again in the midst of a global pandemic that could see a death toll in the tens of millions. The U.S. could very well collapse by year’s end, if not sooner.

So here I am, sitting at my dying laptop, bored out of my skull and trapped in a situation that is killing me spiritually by the day. I can’t go out and create with my photography like I want. I can’t grow my business without an influx of capital. And even though I’m employed and getting paid, it’ll still take decades to save enough for what I need.

I swear, it’s like God has it in for this world.

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