Ain’t Life a Kick In the Teeth? (Literally)

So, the other day at work I was finishing lunch and I bit down on a cookie and felt part of one of my teeth come off. I made an emergency trip to a nearby dentist, who confirmed that the tooth is beyond saving. I want to go to my grave with a full complement of teeth, so I’m going for a dental implant beginning nest week. The problem, of course, is that my insurance doesn’t cover the procedure, meaning I have to go even deeper into debt just to maintain my full number of teeth. I hope my new job’s health care benefit is able to reimburse me for the cost because I really can’t afford more debt added onto what I already have.

On the other hand, I’m about done with Week Two at my new position and so far things are going well. This afternoon I got to photograph a graduation event for the culinary program that operates through where I work, putting my skills to good use. So in addition to grant writing and research, maybe they can make use of my photographic talents. Just need to see how they like the work I’ve done.

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