Finally, a Pay-Off?

Wow, did the Falcons choke or what? So-called patriots probably cheated as always, too, but the Falcons really folded in the last half like cheap lawn chairs. Dang. Oh well.

Anyway, a couple of developments. Last week I took photos for a campus event for which my compensation was a chess set I’ve had my eye on. Hey, it’s a campus organization; they don’t have all that much in terms of funding. So I’ll gladly take what I’m offered and it helps get my name out there as a reliable event photographer. Plus, as I left, one of the club organizers offered to pay me for an upcoming event next month. Probably won’t be much, but it’s the break I’ve been waiting for since I started my photography over a year ago. And I’m getting opportunities to shoot models and other events, too!

I’m also raising money for an urban wildlife photography project I’ve been turning over in my head for a while now. In the last six years I’ve been seeing a lot more wildlife—deer, red tailed hawks, kestrels, and other critters formerly confined to the parks—popping up more and more in people’s yards, including my old neighborhood. This is the result of urban sprawl that has left wild animals with nowhere else to go except where they used to be, only the developments are still here. How are they affected? How are people coping? Who’s documenting this new reality? Well, if no one else is, then I want to. But being gored to death by antlers, hooves, or both, or scaring off creatures, is not something I want, so I’m raising funds for a decent telephoto zoom lens. Adding that to my lens inventory would go a long way toward helping me build my wildlife and sports portfolios, and I’m offering prints and CDs of the finished work once it’s completed.

But the real money is in events, so a good telephoto lens for sports events like Browns and Indians games is essential. For weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and religious coming-of-age, I can use my portrait lens and save up for a good wide-angle lens. I’m applying for a small business grant, and with luck and some awesome grant-writing, who knows?

But I’m finally starting to receive compensation for my photography work. I just need to keep at it and keep proving myself.

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