More than a Mirror


I woke up this Sunday morning with a pit in my stomach.

Bleary eyed, groggy, and frankly, just disappointed in myself.

Not for anything you’re thinking right now. Come onnnn people, get your minds out of the gutter. 🙂 You already know I’m saving myself until marriage.

But I was angry with myself for a different reason: I didn’t treat myself with love and respect the night before.

I think there’s a grave misconception about something:

Loving yourself.

I give a lot of lip service to those two, seemingly “okay-okay, enough already“-esq words.

We think…it’s something that you would tell a teenage girl, going through puberty with acne and a retainer.

“Love yourself, honey.”

Or, we think about someone looking in the mirror, unhappy with their appearance, pondering the Dove commercials. “Love yourself.”  And, yes, those are two things that “loving yourself” encompasses. However, when I talk…

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