As of Tuesday, I’ve been accepted as a graduate student for the History track!


Along with my Master’s, I’ve also applied for the state teaching license and certification so that I can have a better chance of being hired as a teacher or, preferably, a college professor. Although teaching younger students holds a certain appeal for me, I’d much rather teach in an environment where students are taught to think critically in general.

Needless to say, I’m quite excited! I had hoped to get my Master’s in Film Production, but couldn’t raise the funds to move out to the campus. That’s the weird thing about financial aid for graduate students; they’ll cover tuition and living expenses, but one is on his or her own for actually getting out to a campus even if it’s out of state. Still, seeing as how I minored in Classical and Medieval Studies and it’s my other great passion besides film, being accepted into a graduate program for history works out just as well. If my ultimate goal is to teach, then I have to take the best path to achieving that goal.

So the next step is to speak with an academic advisor to figure out what courses I can and should sign up for, for the upcoming semester in January.

Another step closer…

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