Today was my last day of work before the beginning of spring break, which lasts from Sunday to next Sunday.  I filed for unemployment benefits, as per the recommendation of supervisors and coworkers, but do not expect to be approved since previous applications have been consistently denied.  The excuse always given is that I must work twenty straight weeks earning a minimum of $233 per week in order to qualify.

This is horse puckey, since my coworkers manage to get approved even without that requirement.  Then again, they’re in the union, and until January when my ninety-day probation ended, I wasn’t, so who knows?  Maybe I’ll be approved this time.

Wednesday I had to leave work early because my neck was killing me and I started losing my ability to grip onto even the lightest of objects.  I took the bus to the emergency room at Cleveland Clinic and received a temporary prescription for combination muscle relaxant and pain killer.  I have to follow up with my neurologist soon.  This frightens me.  My herniated disk isn’t getting better.  The pain in my neck is constant, distracting, and interferes with my work more frequently than I like.  The problem is that I apparently don’t qualify for disability benefits, either, so I have to keep working even though it’s taking its toll on my body in ways that shall ultimately make me unemployable.

This is what passes for my existence.

Meanwhile, the job search using the generous assistance from May Dugan Center continues.  My case worker provides job leads, and helped me update my résumé so it can better pass muster with prospective employers.  I just hope it leads to something stable.

So now I have a week’s “vacation” before me.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in, putting in applications, and maybe hitting the museum for some cultural absorption.

I won’t be enjoying what time I spend where I’m currently staying, however.  The landlord turns off the heat whenever he’s not in his bedroom, leaving the entire lower floor freezing cold.  This has resulted in the hot water tap in the bath tub bursting a leak somewhere, which he has yet to get repaired, leaving me unable to shower.  I have to wash up in the sink.  This wouldn’t be so bad, except that with his own neuropathy and cancer and drinking binges, he has already had an accident once on the way to the toilet, leaving me to clean up after him.  And yes, that means cleaning up #2.


Still, I refuse to let that boy ruin my vacation.  I intend to be out and about looking for full time work, and hitting the Foundation Center downtown seeking grant money to try and raise the moving funds to attend New York Film Academy in California.  I’m not giving up my dreams without a fight, dammit.  I shouldn’t have to abandon them for the sake of psychopaths and poverty.

So yeah, that’s my update.  More info later.

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